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Velvet Vapors



Thanks so much for the bonus bottle of Peppermint in my last shipment. How did you know it was my favorite? Anyway, here are my current favorite flavors from Velvet Vapors: 1. Peppermint. This is the best, strongest tasting mint I ever inhaled, even better than Simply Mint (SB). My new all day vape! The BEST!!! 2. Vanilla Almond Tobacco. Tastes like a great flavored cigar. Good any time even right after breakfast! Smooth but tasty; its the real deal. 3. A combo of Citrus Blend, Orange Creamsicle, and a touch of menthol. My version of Citrus Mist (SB). Kinda like adult gummy bears. YUM. 4. Orange Spice Tobacco. Awesome balance between the orange, spices and the tobacco. Tastes as good as it smells!. For a change up, add a little English Toffee. Another yummy combo, but just as good by itself. Note: All juices were PG-free, natural or organic flavors, and varying levels of nicotine. I'm a cloud chaser and loved both the HUGE clouds and the awesome real flavors. Please feel free to post this review. I will be ordering more next week. Vape on and keep Grinning! B-) Cheers, Tom M. 3/28/14

Best Juice I have found! I have now tried a few flavors and have to say the Cinnamon Sugar and the Cinnamint are AWESOME!!!! have liked almost every one I have tried, but these are the bomb! The sample pack option is the best and the quality is superior to any other e-juice I have tried. Only e-juice store I now order from.

submitted by Dawn J, Spotsylvania, VA, 12/17/2013

A nice thread with posts from several of our customers on ECF from August 2013.

I'm very impressed with my first order from Velvet Vapors so far! I ordered online late on Sunday, March 3rd and received my order today, Thursday, March 7th.

I ordered a 5 - 3mL sampler in Orange Creamsicle, Root Beer, Sweet Tarts and Spiced Rum. I also ordered a 30mL of Velvet Vanilla. They also included 3mL sample with my order, French Toast! All are the Velvet Blend in 18mg.

I've only been able to try 3 of the flavors tonight. The Velvet Vanilla is highly recommended on their website, that's why I went with a 30mL bottle of it right off the bat. I'm so glad I did, it's excellent, exactly what I've been looking for in the other 4 vanillas I've ordered from other companies. This is definitely a keeper! It's a strong, heavy vanilla that's great alone. I'm sure it'll be great mixed with other flavors too.

The Sweet Tarts is great too. It's stronger than the other sweet tart flavor I've tried. Again, exactly what I was looking for.

The Root Beer surprised me. I like root beer but I wasn't sure if it'd make a good vape or not, I guess because I didn't like the cola flavor I've tried. (Yeah, I know, that makes no sense to me either...) I was pleasantly surprised to find out it does make a good vape and I do like it!

So all three of these are keepers and I will definitely order them again. I can't wait to get more cartos so I can try the rest of the flavors I got!


Wow! I absolutely LOVE all of the great e-liquids I have purchased from you. The Vanilla Caramel Tobacco is terrific. I am using the VG only and I am totally satisfied with the flavor and clouds of smoke. So, I have tried Orange Spice Tobacco, Hazlenut, Spearmint, Gingerbread, Glazed Donut, Tuscan Tobacco, Rootbeer Float, and (thanks for the free sample) Velvet Vanilla. I really don't have a favorite yet, but I'm sure I will come up with one! I actually like mixing them slightly...

So, thanks for bringing these great liquids to the Internet community and for having such great Customer Service! Submitted via email, Jan 17th, 2014 by Madelyn C, Blakeslee, PA

I just want to say yummmm about the flavors I got from you early this week. Finally got to try them and they rock! Each are delicious in their own right. Thanks for the sample of Green Apple Candy - I like it a lot. I would have never thought of trying that one (I did add a few drops to my cartomizer with the Apple Pie - a great combo). Strawberry Cheesecake is my husband's favorite and I love it too. We are having so much fun trying these out - your website has the BEST options and varieties. –Anne, Hesperia, CA

I have received many orders from Kat. The quality is ALWAYS excellent, and the flavors are always so full and rich. I have tried different vendors and always regret it. The thick robust vapor I get with Velvet Vapors keeps me coming back for more! I really love the Vanilla Caramel Tobacco it is my all day vape. I would recommend Velvet Vapors to anyone who wants a top quality product with excellent service. Thanks Kat!!!! –James, Glenburn, ME

I have to say that your juices are by far the BEST e-juices that I have ever tried!

I am very sensitive to PG and can only vape VG juices. Most of the juices that I have tried either lack flavor, or simply don’t taste very good. Your VG juices are so flavorFULL and aromatic (I could smell them as soon as I opened the box – yummy!). The fruit and candy flavored juices taste like I’m vaping dessert, minus the calories. My favorite e-juice is RY4, but I haven’t been able to find a good VG one – until now. Your Vanilla Caramel Tobacco flavor is like RY4, only much better! Thank you so much, I have finally found great VG juices. The only problem that I can see is the fact that they are so good that I want to vape non-stop. I may have to go to lower nicotine levels if I keep this up. Thanks, A Very Happy Customer –Christina, Little Rock, AR

(CANDY CANE) So far I've very pleased with the quality of product and service from Velvet Vapors. I appreciate her drive to produce handmixed juice with as little artificial colors and flavors as possible, without sacrificing the flavor, TH and vapor production. I've only tried a few samples so far, but I intend to be a repeat customer. –spiritv,

I have to say that I really enjoyed the samples that I received. The HONEYDEW, HONEY HOOKAH, and WILD WEST were standouts, though.

The HONEYDEW is great. It's got a very natural flavor and surprisingly wasn't at all too sweet despite its ripe melon flavor. Very refreshing.
I think you're right about the HONEY HOOKAH's honey flavor; it tastes like clover honey to me too. I definitely get more honey than tobacco, but it is a very pleasing vape. The honey flavor is spot-on.

And this leads me to the WILD WEST. The juice has a very nice aggressive aroma, which really got me excited. As you said, it is indeed dry and earthy, but I also find the WW to have some very interesting herbal notes. I can see myself really falling for this juice! --ECF member SmackytheFrog,

FUDGE BROWNIE - This one is just like licking the bowl after making up a batch of yummy brownies. Very nice, strong flavor. I got the velvet vapor blend and it's true to its name. Excellent stuff! If you have any love of chocolate vape, this one is going to knock your socks off!

PEACH PIE - I've found that most pie flavors don't do so well with showing a good "crusty" flavor. This is not one of those. The peach is smooth and sweet with a subtle cinnamon and the crust is perfect! Like homemade pie crust. Another winner! –ecigunderground forum member, Valerie,

I've ordered from Kat and her service and e-liquid are excellent! I have her CINNAMON SUGAR and love it... milder than the "really hot" stuff but still has a bite to it. I like the HONEY HOOKAH (haven't noticed a smell with it, though) and the VANILLA CARAMEL TOBACCO I like even better than the Dekang RY4. I have the WILD WEST blend that's pretty good, too. You can't go wrong with Velvet Vapors! –ECF member CJsKEE,

Want to let you know that we Love our first sampler pack! We find the all natural VG flavors to be by far superior to any others we have found. Literally getting a nicotine buzz simply because we love the flavor so much and find it to be so much smoother vapor.

We will be ordering more when we find our favorite flavors and we have already recommended you to one of our friends. We love what you are doing in making a truly natural and easily processed by the body vaping liquid. The love you put into your juices shows through to us.

Thank you so much for the ORGANIC WINTERGREEN extra in the order for our friend :) Looking forward to trying more flavors in this pack, and the new organics when they become available. –Tony and Stefani, Portland, OR

VELVET VANILLA: Vanilla is my "test flavor", I order it from everyone just to see what they've got. VV is the only company yet to pass that test. It's not subtle and tastes like Vanilla extract smells. Delicious. The Throat hit could be better, but TONS of vapor.

GINGERBREAD: It's a very SHARP gingerbread, but that's just what it tastes like. TH is a bit bigger, but as i said, it's sharp. Again, TONS of Vapor --ecigundergound forum member, Symmetric,

They have THE BEST COLA in the world...of the 5 different cola flavors I have tried, theirs is the only one that tastes like cola at all!

Any COLA fan...try it from Velvet Vapors. You won’t be sorry. –ECF member wickedfish,

HONEY HOOKAH: VG (the bonus sample)

Not something I would have ordered, and unfortunately I'm gonna have to order a 30ml bottle. This stuff is fantastic! When I dripped the first drops into a clean atty, I prepared myself for a blast of overly sweet tobaccoish yuck. But, what i got was a mellow complex mix of tobacco and honey, clover, I think. Not at all sweet. Would go perfectly with a glass of good Mead.

GINGER: VG/PG - naturally flavored
Tastes like fresh ginger, not like ginger-ale, not like gingeraltoids (my fave candy). not much else to say. Slightly sweet, mildly spicy, extremely tasty. I will order more.

One of the better Cola flavors I've had, but it still misses the mark. It's not bad, by any stretch of my palette, but, like most of the other colas I've tried it tastes more 'Gummy Cola Bottles' than Coke, Pepsi, or even RC.

Very close in flavor to a Black Cherry Life Savor. 'nuf said. I may get some more.

Wow, one of my new favorite tobaccos. Nicely dry with earthy, grassy undertones. Very complex flavor. Will order more, but wanna try it in VG. --ECF member eikon,

I've tried somewhere between 15 and 20 of their juices and I have found all of them to be top quality. I should mention that one of the beautiful aspects of Velvet Vapors is that there are 3ml sample packs you can buy (at an excellent price, btw) so you get to try out a LOT of flavors without having to get huge amounts of juice you find you don't really like.

I didn't love every flavor, but flavor is such a personal thing I cannot fault them for me not liking everything. The tobacco flavors are the ones I like most of all. The HONEY HOOKAH, APPLE HOOKAH, WHITE CHOCOLATE TOBACCO are all excellent for those with a sweet tooth and desire for that subtle tobacco flavor. The Honey is my favorite of those three. The other tobacco flavors are excellent as well. The VANILLA CARAMEL TOBACCO (similar to RY4) was excellent, better than some of the RY4's that I've tried.

Kat does an excellent job and I'm surprised I haven't seen more reviews on Velvet Vapors. Two thumbs up! Give their juice a try! –ECF member camel522,

Thank you for the VIRGINIA FLUE CURED sample you sent me. All I have to say is you HAVE to put that up on your site, it's so GOOD. I will order much more of that. I also have to say I am looking at over 20 of your juices on my desk right now and there are none I have disliked so far. Keep up the good work and I will be ordering again very soon. –Aaron, Forest Grove, OR

I'm very impressed with your flavors. You've won over both me and my wife…I love your juice it's frickin awesome! –Roman, Tipton, MO

YouTube video review of BEAR CLAW from Evelwmn