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Velvet Vapors

About eLiquid

We offer our liquids in a variety of bases. You may customize your eLiquid as you wish in the comment box at the end of your order. Some people prefer thicker or thinner liquids, and their preferences change based on the type of vaping hardware used.


Many of our flavors are available PG-Free, meaning they contain zero propylene glycol. 


You may choose the bases that make up your liquids by using the dropdowns when you place your order.

Here's a look at our bases:


The Velvet Blend version of our recipes is the standard blend of 50% VG and 50% PG. We have created the Velvet Blend to let the flavor shine through and produce a visually appealing amount of vapor.


Vegetable Glycerin, or “VG”, is a natural, organic compound derived from vegetable fats, such as coconut and palm oils. It is a sweet, colorless, extremely viscous liquid, usually used in cosmetics and foods as a humectant or solvent. In personal vaporizer uses, VG helps create a very thick vapor. Our VG option is diluted with distilled water to help saturate smaller coils. VG produces more vapor than PG but can sometimes mask over certain flavors. We add more flavor to our VG-based mixes to compensate for this.


Velvet Vapors uses 100% Natural, Vegan, USP, Food-grade, and Kosher-Certified VG in all of our VG liquids. “USP” stands for United States Pharmacopeia, a non-governmental standards-setting organization for prescription and over-the-counter products. A USP-grade product is created in an approved facility, using standardized quality, purity, safety, and consistency methods.



The term “Organic” in this sense refers to the way a type of food is grown or produced, not the type of chemical compound it is, as in organic chemistry.

What makes organic different from natural? Organic foods are grown without the use of harmful synthetic pesticides and chemicals. Even the soil they are grown in must be free of pesticides for at least three years prior to sowing. The USDA Organic certification is extremely difficult to achieve because of very strict standards for farms and manufacturers. Organic VG is derived from corn, palm, soy or many other types of vegetable oils that are extracted from organically grown vegetables.

In order to be certified Organic, a product must be made up of at least 95% organic ingredients. If you order an Organic flavor based in Organic VG, the total level of organic ingredients will differ depending upon the nicotine level selected. 36mg strength will be about 70-85% organic ingredients, and 0mg strength will be 95%-100% organic ingredients.

Organic VG is also diluted with distilled water for easier saturation of coils.



We offer both our Vegetable Glycerin and Organic Vegetable Glycerin in Undiluted options, meaning no distilled water has been added. This is our thickest option available and suited for very large coils and RDA builds.



Propylene Glycol, or “PG”, is an organic compound used for a variety of commercial purposes. It is derived from petroleum resources and used as the base of many concentrated food flavorings, such as flavors used for food and candy flavorings. It can also be used as a base for e-liquids. PG is colorless, odorless, and has a mildly sweet taste. It is used as a solvent in many pharmaceutical and drug applications, including injectable, oral, and topical applications.

In personal vaporizer uses, PG tends to be flavorless, allowing the flavor of the liquid to really shine. PG provides much more throat hit than VG, and much LESS vapor.

Velvet Vapors uses 100% USP-grade, Food-grade, and Kosher-Certified PG in all of our liquids.


Liquid Difference VG-Base and PG-Free

The difference between VG-based liquids and PG-Free liquids is that the some flavor extracts used in liquids are also PG-based. In a Velvet Blend liquid, the PG level may be between 50-80% of the mixture. Using a flavor that contains PG, in a VG-base liquid, the PG will not be reduced to zero, but will be at a 5-20% total of the overall mixture. For most people who are sensitive to PG, these reduced levels are most often tolerable.


If you do not want PG, check out the PG-Free section.


We are pleased to offer more than 60 flavors that are PG-Free, containing zero propylene glycol. See the PG-Free section.