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Velvet Vapors

Natural vs. Artificial

What’s the difference?
        Natural flavors are derived from the ingredients they represent, or a blend of
        those ingredients. In a nutshell, natural strawberry flavor comes from of an
        extract of actual strawberries. Basically, they crush up a ton of strawberries
        and extract it down to the flavor that makes that strawberry taste using no
        artificial ingredients. The concentrated flavor produced is then gently refined
        using ingredients found in nature.
        Artificial flavors are based on the chemical compounds that make up these
        flavors, but they are created in a laboratory. Sometimes, they are the exact
        same chemical compounds as the natural ones; they are just created
        synthetically. Sometimes, they are not that alike at all on a chemical level.
        Sometimes, artificial flavors are way more intense, because there are layers of
        different artificial compounds that make up the flavor, adding to its
        complexity. Sometimes, they just taste fake. The debate goes on as to whether
        artificial flavors are bad for you, and the general consensus is that they
        aren’t. Generally, I find that the natural flavors just taste more REAL. The
        artificial flavors I include in my products are absolutely the most outstanding
        examples of lab-created flavors. I go with natural whenever possible, but
        sometimes, man creates true taste beauty. FlavourArt, one of our partners,
        creates some of the most exquisite flavors blends on the market in their labs.
        The problem comes with the artificial colors. I use natural flavors and artificial flavors
        in my liquids, and we always let customers know whether the flavor contains natural or artificial
        flavors, or colors, or propylene glycol. None of our flavors contain artificial colors.
            The Problem:
        ARTIFICIAL COLORS.  Who needs their grape-flavored e-liquid to look purple if it
        tastes like grapes? We’re not in this for the color, folks. Artificial colors have been
        linked to migraines, allergic reactions, and kidney and bladder disorders.
        Most of us switched to vaping to lessen the inhalation of toxic chemicals…goal
        achieved, but are you inhaling stuff you don’t want or need?

        Some popular candy flavor company products that are used in e-liquid creation
        contain artificial colors…take a look, does your watermelon flavor look bright
        fuchsia-pink? That would be the Red #3 and Red #40. Does your grape flavor look
        purple? That would be the Red #40 mixed with Blue #1. While these colors may be
        okay in small doses to eat (say 2 Jolly Ranchers a day), do you really want to
        vape it all day?  

        The FDA allows seven types of artificial colors to be used in food; FD&C Blue
        #1 (Brilliant Blue FCF)*, Blue #2 (Indogotine), Green #3 (Fast Green FCF), Red
        #3 (Erythrosine), Red #40 (Allura Red AC), Yellow #5 (Tartrazine), and Yellow #6
        (Sunset Yellow FCF). You won’t find any of these in Velvet Vapors liquids.