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Velvet Vapors

Summertime Vaping Woes

Posted by Jackson Gantzer on

All Tucson residents know that June brings changes to Tucson Arizona, with the biggest change being the absurd increase in our temperatures, outside and indoors.Those crazy enough to stay in Tucson during this time of year know that extra sunscreen and additional covering are something we all must adapt to in order to survive. Plus, it is getting hotter everywhere around the country. For those of us who vape, summer brings new challenges that many of our in-store customers have been experiencing.

“My tanks have been leaking all day! I seem to be losing more liquid than I’m using!”
“Are you sure this juice was made correctly? It usually seems much thicker than this, and the color is way darker than usual!” These 2 statements have been very common this last month and we have some thoughts that might help you with this issue if you are just now experiencing these issues.

First, take a look at your bottle.If you are using e-liquid purchased through Velvet Vapors, your bottle will be marked with your base(Velvet Blend, VG, Organic VG, 80vg/20pg, etc…) Most commonly the issue lies with liquids that have a thin viscosity. Heat will thin out e-liquids very quickly, and in some cases even direct light can chip away at the integrity of even the best liquids. The Velvet Crew has made some adjustments to our setups that have allowed us to avoid these issues:

1. Bump up the amount of VG in your e-liquid. Even a 10% increase in VG can help bring your liquids back to the viscosity that your device needs to operate correctly. Be warned, some devices have limits to how thick your e-liquid can be, this can cause a premature coil burn.

2. Don’t ever leave your vape supplies in your hot car. High temperature areas should be avoided for storage, even if you’re running in for a coil to your favorite Vape shop, take it with you. Not only can heat thin super thick liquid to a watery state, it can also cause the liquid to spoil. This is identified most commonly by e-liquid losing flavor, abrupt change in color, and thinner than normal consistency.

3. If you carry a bottle that is 30ml or higher, consider getting smaller containers for on the go. Many of our customers order their favorite flavors in a 100ml bottle, which is a lot to lose if heat causes it to spoil. Prevent a catastrophe by carrying only what you think you will use before returning to your large bottle that is kept in a cool, dark place. Some of our customers store their e-liquid in a cooler or in insulated lunchboxes to prevent overheating, which is a good idea, just be sure to place the liquid in a plastic bag to avoid contamination from food sources!

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